How to Fix Game Security Violation Detected?

Fix Game Security Violation Detected – Game security violation usually means the Easy Anti-Cheat service is being terminated, which is usually caused by antivirus software. Make sure the service is installed correctly and isn’t blocked on your PC or your connection.

Fix Game Security Violation Detected

How to Fix Game Security Violation Detected?

Game Security Violation Detected error is the interruption that shows up when users are trying to play a game. It shows p regardless of the particular program, so the message window comes right to your screen. It is not related to any violations and game crashes, but users may start to panic when the pop-up window appears out of nowhere.

As gamers report the issue appears with the particular Game Security Violation Detected error message and the code consisting of many zeros (#00000006; #000000010; #00000008; #0000000d) and might change each time.

A few different types of software can cause Easy Anti-Cheat security violation errors. Some of these software types cause these problems more often than others, so here are a few of them, along with how to fix them.

1. Close your Lighting Control Software

In some cases, players may encounter the Game Security Violation Detected error when running the lighting control program, and turning it off resolved the issue.

Fix Game Security Violation Detected

If you’re running any application to customize LED lighting on your system, follow the instructions below to turn it off:

  1. Right-click your taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Close programs you use to customize LED lighting (your RGB program, Lightservices.exe, mycolor2.exe, etc).
  3. Relaunch your game to test your issue.
  4. If the error message continues to occur, then go ahead with the fix below.

2. Fix Game Security Violation Detected – Deactivate RGB Software

More often than not, the culprit behind these Easy Anti-Cheat errors is RGB lighting. Many PC components today come with RGB lights, often with software that controls them. Given how often Easy Anti-Cheat mistakes this software for cheating, if you have RGB lights anywhere in your setup, they’re probably the cause.

If your RGB components don’t have a program where you can turn the lights on and off, you can stop them from Task Manager. Look for any tasks with names relating to lighting, click them, then click End Task.

Sometimes you have to completely uninstall this software to stop it from interfering with Easy Anti-Cheat. Find the RGB software on your drive, right-click it, then click Uninstall.

3. Check Antivirus Software

While antivirus software generally keeps computers safe, sometimes it can interfere with the proper operation of games. Most anti-cheating programs don’t have an issue with most antivirus software, but sometimes the antivirus can be too aggressive. Botched updates can cause them to act strangely, too.

Try updating any antivirus software to take care of bugs that could cause the issue. If that doesn’t work, you can disable the antivirus before launching the game, but remember to turn it back on when you’re done.

4. Disconnect Your VPN

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are another common source of game security violation detected errors. Since these programs can change your network’s location, anti-cheating software often sees them as suspicious. With 68% of U.S. internet users using VPNs according to a VPN consumer report, this is a fairly common issue.

Disconnecting your VPN before launching the game should solve the problem. In some cases, it may be necessary to restart Windows after disconnecting the VPN, too.

5. Update the Game and Launcher

If none of the previous fixes work, it could be an issue with the game itself. Outdated versions of a game could cause anti-cheating software to think you’re using a corrupt or hacked version. Game updates could include bug fixes for Easy Anti-Cheat errors, too.

Check for any updates, both for the game and the game launcher you use, like Steam, Epic, or GOG. After updating, you may have to restart Windows, too.

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