How to Fix Something Went Wrong on Microsoft Outlook?

Fix Something Went Wrong on Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software system from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook allows you to send and receive email messages, manage your calendar, store the names and numbers of your contacts, and track your tasks. However, even if you use Outlook every day, you might not know some of the cool things it can do to help you be more productive.

Fix Something Went Wrong on Microsoft outlook

Solutions to Fix the Search Error in Outlook

There are various reasons that could be behind the “Something went wrong, and your search couldn’t be completed” error in Outlook. The prime reasons include issues in Windows Search Service, indexing of Outlook, major damage in PST files, an outdated operating system, and conflicts created due to add-ins.

1. Fix Something Went Wrong on Microsoft Outlook  – Check for an Update

In your Windows operating systems, many errors can be easily resolved by installing the latest version which is available. Updates bring along improvements and prevent any bugs in the system. Make it a point to update to any latest version of Windows as well as the Outlook email client.

2. Remove all add-ins

When various third-party add-ins have been installed with Outlook, there are many issues that arise including the “Something went wrong, and your search couldn’t be completed” error in Outlook. This happens as these add-ins create conflict with the application and its features. Hence, a wise decision would be to remove all such extensions.

Follow these steps to remove all third-party extensions to Outlook:

  1. First, Open the Outlook application.
  2. Next, click on “File” and then choose “Options.”
  3. From the left panel present, select “Add-ins.” Now, on the bottom right window, click on the drop-down menu of “Manage.” Click on “Go.”
  4. Tick on all the checkboxes of all the add-ins and click on “Remove.”
  5. At last, if the error has been resolved then Restart the Outlook.

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3. Rebuild the Outlook Indexing

Indexing in simple terms refers to an index that contains and maintains terms from your email messages. An incomplete Outlook Indexing can result in less or no search results at all. However, users do have an option to rebuild this index.
Follow these steps to rebuild Outlook Indexing:

    1. Close the Outlook application.
    2. In the search box, type “indexing.”
    3. Then click on “Indexing Options” and then on “Advanced.
    4. A new window will be displayed. Under the Troubling panel, select the “Rebuild” option.
    5. Finally, click on “OK.”

4. Check the Windows Search Service

The Windows Search Service maintains an index for all the content and quickly provides any search result. Even a slight issue in this can lead to an error in the Outlook search feature. You can run a troubleshooter to fix any errors in the Search Service.
Follow these steps to run a troubleshooter for the Search Service:

    1. On your System, directly move to the “Settings”.
    2. Click on “Update and Security.”
    3. From the left panel, select “Troubleshoot” and then click on “Additional Troubleshooters.”
    4. Scroll and select “Search and Indexing” and click on “Run the Troubleshooter.”

5. Check your PST Data File

To repair any compromised PST file, you should run a sophisticated recovery application like DataNumen Outlook Repair. This remarkable program can repair just about any corrupted PST file in the shortest possible time and thus resolve any errors associated with them.

6. Consider Installing all Windows Updates

Make it a point to install all Windows Updates for your system. To do so in Windows 10, just type in Check for Windows Update in the search box. In the Windows Update screen, make it a point to install all pending updates. To know about manually installing updates in an older version of Windows, please visit the Microsoft Support site.

7. Repair Damaged Outlook Data Files

MS Outlook stores all the user’s data in PST file format which is an advanced format in itself. However, due to certain reasons, these PST files can get severely corrupt. They contain all essential data of the user and hence, must be repaired using a secure tool. Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is such a tool with the ability to repair any corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible PST file. It can troubleshoot and fix common Microsoft Outlook issues. There is no limitation to the size and number of files to be repaired, and its straightforward interface makes the process simpler for all kinds of users.

The software is well compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Outlook.

Follow these steps to quickly repair your PST files:

    1. Install the Kernel for Outlook PST Repair software.
    2. Click on “Browse” to add single or multiple files. It will be added to the tool and click on “Next.”
    3. A comprehensive preview will be displayed of all the contents of the PST file.
    4. From the list of Outlook formats, select “PST file.” Click on “Next.”
    5. You can add a few filters to narrow down the search process.
    6. Click on “Browse” to select a destination for the repaired file. Finally, click on “Finish.”
    7. The repaired PST file will successfully be saved to the preferred location.

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