How to Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc Error?

Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc  – Xbox is a gaming console brand developed and owned by Microsoft. The game console is capable of connecting to a television or other display media. Xbox provides realistic graphics for games.

Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc

If your Xbox One console won’t read a game disc, there’s no need to panic. In majority of cases, this problem is fixable. Although this issue is one of the common problems in Xbox One consoles over the years, users don’t usually end up sending their console to a Service Center or getting help from Microsoft at all.

Why Your Xbox One Won’t Read Discs

Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc – There are several reasons why your Xbox may be having trouble recognizing certain games, including disc and console damage. Some of the most common issues include:

Hidden Dirt

Hair, dust, and debris can find its way inside your Xbox and cause disc errors and internal-component malfunctions. The laser lens is the most important—if it gets dirty, it won’t read a disc properly and will need to be replaced.

Foreign Objects

Coins, toys, and paper clips, among other objects, are sometimes mistakenly lodged inside a console and can damage the disc drive.

Defective Hardware

Depending on the age of your system, your hardware could be to blame for your Xbox not reading discs. There are levers, rollers, and screws inside the disc drive, and if any of these parts break, your Xbox won’t function like it used to.


While rare, your Xbox power settings can interfere with the disc drive. The instant-on power mode allows for faster start-up and voice activation. But it can also keep certain consoles from reading discs or recognizing when they are inserted.

How to Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc Error?

Change Power Modes and Power Cycle the Console

If your game disc cannot be recognized, you can try to change the power mode and power cycle the console. Here is how to do that:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your console to open the guide.
  2. Navigate to System > Settings > Power & startup > Power mode & startup in order.
  3. Inside the Power mode & startup window, click the Energy-saving.
  4. Then hold down the Xbox button on your console for 10 seconds to perform a hard power cycle. Once the console shuts down completely, restart the console by pressing the Xbox button.
  5. Insert your disc again and wait for a few seconds to check if Xbox one not reading disc is resolved.

Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc  – Reposition Your Console

The position of the console may also cause the Xbox one not reading disc error. Since the console was not designed to perform in a vertical position, you should position the console horizontally on a stable and flat surface to get a better disc drive performance.

After repositioning the console, you can play your game again to see if the problem persists.

Reset the Xbox One Operating System

If the above methods fail to solve your problem, you may consider resetting the Xbox one operating system without deleting your games and apps. Follow the steps to do:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the Home Screen to open the Guide.
  2. Navigate to Settings and All Settings.
  3. Select System on the left pane and click on Console info & updates.
  4. Now click Reset console.
  5. On the Reset your console screen, select the Reset and keep my games & apps option. The resetting operation will delete the corrupted data.

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Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc  – Check If the Game Disc for Damage

As mentioned above, the scratched game disc also causes the Xbox one not reading disc issue. So, we recommend you to check the backside of your game disc. If there are excessive scratches, nicks, or other damages, your console won’t read the game disc.

If there are not any visible damage, Xbox one won’t read disc issue may be caused by the disc drive of your console. To test the disc drive, you need to try another game disc. If you can play another game disc on the same console smoothly, then your console disc drive is the cause of the issue.

Some of the Troubleshooting Tips:

Clean the Disc

Make sure that you wipe the surface of the disc with a clean, soft cloth to remove dirt. You can use water to slightly dampen the cloth when doing this. Do not use alcohol. Avoid touching the surface and try to hold the disc at its edges instead.

Play the Disc in Another Console

This is the best way to determine whether the issue is with the disc itself, or with the console. Visit a friend or a store that will allow you to test your disc.

Get a New Disc

If your Xbox One console reads other discs just fine and you’re only having an issue with one particular game, you should consider replacing it. It may scratched or damaged and unfortunately, there’s no way repair a broken game disc.

Reboot the Console

Sometimes, all it needs for a console to read a disc again is a complete system refresh. Make sure that you power cycle your Xbox One if it’s still not reading your games. To do that, just press and hold the Xbox button in the console for about 10 seconds. Once the console has powered down, press the Xbox button again to turn it back on.


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